Topic: Environmental Pollution (Air, Water and Land) Business and the Environment

paper is on \”Environmental Pollution (Air, Water and Land) Business and the Environment\” – it needs to be in APA style. It should have a title page, a running head, abstract, introduction, several in-text citations, conclusion and a reference page. My book should only be cited twice in my paper(Business & Society – stakeholders, ethics, public policy 14th edition) Anne T. Lawrence & James Weber .
I will need at least two scholarly or peer reviewed articles. The rest of my sources in my paper can be from magazines, newspaper articles, books etc.
Wikipedia and online dictionaries are not scholarly sources. Normally APA style papers do not use the first person “I” or “we.” However, in this very narrow instance, as the goal is to have this paper be reflective, the college will permit first person reflective writing. Still I must observe the mechanics of APA writing. Citing my sources, no plagiarism, and using at least two scholarly sources.

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