Topic: Evaluating and designing CSR strategy

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Students will need to select three companies with a CSR strategy (See resources for useful links on Moodle). Overall, 3 company level CSR strategy cases will need to be selected and analysed in form of separate case studies.

1) First, students should give a short SUMMARY of the CSR practices implemented by the company and ANALYSE what type of business relevance the CSR strategy has, and to what extent the CSR strategy has a close integration with strategic business goals? If the strategic integration exists, how is it manifested? Furthermore students should critically appraise the tasks and roles of leaders and managers in implementing sustainable development and CSR of the given company.

2) Secondly, students should EVALUATE the quality and nature of the CSR strategy based on the 7 core subjects of the ISO 26 000 framework.

3) Thirdly, students should FORMULATE RECOMMENDATIONS on how the CSR strategy could be better aligned with business strategy and upgraded based on the ISO 26000 framework.

Structure and length of the assignment:

· Introduction

· 3 separate company level CSR strategy cases:

o Summary and business analysis

o Evaluation of the CSR strategy and practices based on ISO 26000

o Recommendations for upgrading the company’s CSR strategy and practices

· Conclusions on comparing selected CSR strategies and CSR in general

· References

The length of the paper should be 3000 words long +/-10% (1,5 line spacing, and 12 font size).
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