Topic: Group 11 Holiday Inn (Coventry)

During the module you have taken part in an on-line auction and produced a
presentation showing your bidding strategy. From the final session you know
whether you were successful or not.

i. Explain your group’s bidding strategy for the e-auction, and discuss why this
resulted in you winning or losing the business. (finally, we win this bidding game, because we are willing to reduce our price.)

competitor analysis- i will upload the excel file which includes all of hotels details,and you can put it into appendix (our main competitor is holiday inn(warwick)
Competitive Advantages
Bidding Strategy
Strategy Analysis
Key assumption

(i will upload my ppt which is about all of contents)

ii. Following your participation in the e-auction, and the learning points of your
customer’s de-brief, identify and discuss the advantages and disadvantages as a supplier when using e-auctions

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