Topic: Interviewing Skills in Social Work and human services

Video Analysis

The purpose of this assessment piece is to critically reflect on your interview video. You should critique your own skills, knowledge and use of self in the conduct of the interview.

There is a process recording template on the learnonline course site that you can use to help transcribe and analyse the video. Please do not submit your process recording.

Respond to the following questions and support your analysis with the academic literature on interviewing. Please use these questions as sub-headings and include an introduction and conclusion.

1) Critically analyse your use of attending skills in the interview
2) Critically analyse your use of influencing responses in the interview
3) Critically analyse your use of listening responses in the interview
4) Critically analyse how you directed the interview and moved through the stages of an interview, including 1) empathic relationship, 2) story and strengths, 3) goals, 4) restory and 5) action
5) Critically analyse how you built a collaborative partnership with the interviewee
Your analysis must be supported by at least five academic references and adhere to Harvard referencing conventio

see the Marking Guide for more information.
• Description & analysis of the different applications of interviewing
Maximum mark 50
• Reflection
Maximum mark 20
• Reading, supporting ideas & referencing
Maximum mark 20

• Addressing the question, structure, meaning, grammar & language Maximum mark 10

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