Topic: Scholarly book review

Write a scholarly book review on \”Gatwande, Atul. (2014). Being Mortal: Medicine and what matters in the end. Metropolitan Books.
This review should present a critique of the book in the context of current and emerging trends in the care of gerontological patients. You will be identifying a question or issue of importance to you as a Nurse Practitioner student, with implications for your current and future practice and/or for your professional goals. Relate the identified question or issue to a patient you have seen in your clinical practicum.Utilize the following outline:
1. Introduction to the paper (Include the citation for the book, and discuss what will be
presented in your paper-one paragraph). 5%
2. Identify the author’s main point, and whether he achieves the stated purpose of the book
(one-two paragraphs).
3. Critically reflect on and discuss the book (this is not just a summary of the book-it is you
reflecting on the main themes of the book-one page).
4. Identify one issue that was discussed in the book that has implications or importance to you as a soon to be Nurse Practitioner!! Relate it to a patient you have seen in your practicum. Maintain confidentiality of the patient as per HIPPA guidelines. Use additional sources to substantiate the topic’s importance (two pages).
5. Summary and Further Implications (2 paragraphs). 6. References and APA format.

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