What is the experience of the children in forster care in the UK today?

Project description
Specific Assessment Criteria

Rationale for selected research topic, specific aims and objectives:
Relevance of proposed study, scope and accuracy of literature review:
Methodological soundness, including data analysis:
Ethical soundness:
Practicability and feasibility Presentation
Demonstrates exceptional academic writing style for this level of work

Knowledge & Understanding
Demonstrates a full grasp of the contextual nature of knowledge relevant to the topic.

Integrating Academic Learning & Practice
Resourceful and imaginative ability to integrate academic learning into practice

Work shows evidence of a mature and independent analytical approach.

Synthesis & Evaluation
Evaluates data to develop a strongly reasoned and articulated argument
2,500 words
Referencing ——– primary sources of evidence
N.B. Word limit not including references and headings

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Websites of use
The Social Science Dissertation Companion:
Intute: Social Science Methodology
Survey Research Methods Section
A Sociological Tour Through Cyberspace: Data Resources, Research Methods, and Research Statistics
Research methods page
Many resources are also available on: Bryman: Social Research Methods Companion Web Site

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