What is the issue, situation, or problem elderly abuse and neglect presents in the field of public health or in the US health care system?

Answer the question: What is the issue, situation, or problem this topic presents in the field of public health or in the US health care system? If the topic is a problem in the broader delivery of health care services indicate any implications for the public health system. Next explain why this topic is an issue, situation or problem.This is a good place to provide data that supports the fact that the topic is worthy of additional evaluation and study. Answer the question: Why does this topic present an issue, situation or problem for public health and or the US health care system? Next describe the relevance of the subject to the field of public health or the US health care system. Answer the question: Why is this topic important and who is it important to and why? Next describe what can be done to address the problems,issues or situations presented by the topic under review. This is the place to evaluate the information from the previous questions and provide your position on what can be done. We are looking for a well documented position as compared to an opinion. A position comes from a clear understanding of the topic and an evaluation of possible solutions to the problem. Include the references in APA format. Your research paper should be no longer than 10 double spaced pages plus the references. Please feel free to be creative, but experience suggests that organizing your paper around a well planned outline helps many students get beyond the simple reporting on the researched material.

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