What were the differences between Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. Du Bois?

Without Sanctuary was in your Lessons area for this week…The video is graphic so please do not view this near young children. This shows you what happened during the Jim Crow era to African Americans who spoke up or rebelled against the rule.

Please note the postcards displayed in the film are of real people and these were real postcards sent during Jim Crow era.

Please click on the link below.

Without Sanctuary


Also see the story of Mary Turner who was murdered in 1918- http://www.maryturner.org/


Answer thoroughly and with evidence of having done and understood the reading. You may add outside sources, but not encyclopedias or Wikipedia.


Two of the most controversial African American scholars in the late 1800s had a huge difference of opinion on how to help newly freed African Americans succeed in the American society. One man was born a slave, raised in deep South amongst legal racism and the KKK. Another man was born free in abolitionist North and was able to succeed and obtain a Harvard doctorate despite his color. Now that you have read about both DuBois and Washington, what were the differences between Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. Du Bois? Were their goals similar? If so, how?

And in your opinion which of these men had the best plan for African American to be accepted and have success in the late 1800s. Please remember the society of the late 1800s was nothing like our society today, so before you answer imagine being an ex-slave (with all that environment) free in the deep South among people who still view you as a slave and who are bitter over the major war loss from the Civil War and being governed by Northerners. Also just a note: There were some African Americans who lived in the North and who moved away from the South to the west but the majority lived in the deep South until the Great Migration of the early 1910’s to 1940’s.

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