Which state law business entity form is most appropriate for your business?

RUBRIC: Name: Formation Document Assignment Grading Rubric Description: Each student will submit an objective memorandum analyzing a set of facts to determine which is the proper business organization form for the client. This will include both the selection of the state-law business organization form and the proper federal tax regime choice. The memorandum should be at a minimum 3,000 words long and should be supported by good scholarly, academic sources. Exit Grid View List View Score Research Points Range: 0 (0%) – 42 (16.8%) Appropriate research demonstrated by the use of scholarly, academic sources. Primary sources used whenever possible and appropriately supplemented with high quality secondary sources. Writing Points Range: 0 (0%) – 42 (16.8%) Writing level appropriate for 300-level course. Appropriate word selection, organization, flow of thought, transition, grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc. Clear and understandable, communicating well with reader. Content Points Range: 0 (0%) – 144 (57.6%) The student thoroughly answers the questions “Which state law business entity form is most appropriate for your business?” and “ Which federal tax regime is most appropriate for your business?” in at least 3000 words. The student supports his or her answer with at least two references. Format and Style Points Range: 0 (0%) – 22 (8.8%) Overall appearance and style of the paper. Conformity with Bluebook to the extent appropriate. Name:Formation Document.

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