Why you wanna work with “special patients”?

I am a 3rd year dental student, and I am paying to become a selective in “special patient clinic”. Special patient clinic is part of our school where we see people with developmental disabilities, cognitive impairment, complex medical problems, significant physical limitations, and the vulnerable elderly (ASA type II, III, IV). As a 3rd year student, I am already seeing patient in the clinic, but they are overall healthy people- (ASA type I) or people with mild systemic disease (ASA type II). In my essay I have to explain: • why I want to do it? • why do I think I will be the right match? • what do I want learn from this experience ? Why I want to do it (just few examples): What I want to learn? • after school I am going to be working with special patient so I need to gain experience/knowledge on how to manage those patients • potential for growth / something new and exiting to learn (for example how to treat patients with seizure disorder or bipolar disorder; when is safe to perform dental treatment on someone who had organ transplant or infective endocarditits) • gratitude/ the rewards of helping elderly people or people with intellectual disability • want to become experience in assessment and treatment of patients with complex medical conditions • autism, Alzheimer’s disease, caner therapy patient …can make standard dental procedures more difficult- I like to challenge myself • I want to learn as much as possible for the next two years, so when I became a dentist in two years and there is no faculty next to me I will not cause harm to the patient Why do I think I will be the right match? • sense of pride • good listener ( crucial for determining the best way to care for them) • very patient • personal reasons: dad is after two heart attacks and stroke (he takes a lot of medication , that made me very interested how his medication effects the dental treatment and what kind of treatment modification he requires • for the first two years of dental school I gain a lot of knowledge about :patient with tuberculosis, hiv-aids, ischemic heart disease, asthma…….. and I would like to use the knowledge

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