Write an analysis of Philip Zimbardo’s “Stanford Prison Experiment.”

I want you to write an analysis of Philip Zimbardo’s “Stanford Prison Experiment.” The primary goal of this assignment is for you to develop a critical perspective on Zimbardo’s essay that utilizes an outside source which I uploaded, to help you develop your argument. A analysis doesn’t need to be a complete take-down of the text at hand, and on the other end of the spectrum, it also need to be full-scale showering of praise on the text. Instead, a good analysis engages specific aspects of the text in order to make a point about what you believe are the important issues in the text. Think of your outside source – Which I uploaded – as a way to help you articulate and reflect on the big picture – the larger issues and questions surrounding zimbardo’s study (for example, the nature of evil, or the relation between individual identity and role-playing, or the complex nature of authority and obedience, etc.) A good analysis will always address one or several of these larger issues. Use this big picture issues ( Which should be addressed by your thesis statement) as an organizational/structural principle for your essay. In other words, every point you make in the body of your paper should connect to develop what you are arguing in your thesis statement about the big picture. Your second source, must play a central role in helping you elaborate argument, and “MUST BE MENTIONED IN YOUR THESIS STATEMENT” * Read the zimbardo’s experiment and second source Disobedience as a psychological and moral problem, and utilize the second source to perfectly analysis Zimbardo’s Experiment * (((((( Format)))): This must be a well-structured essay with an introduction and a conclusion, and with an argumentative and detailed thesis statement at the end of your introduction and the start of your conclusion Set the stage by introducing the main ideas or concerns that you will be discussing in the body of the essay. Make sure to introduce *BOTH* sources in your introductory paragraph, as well as what you will be saying about them. Your thesis statement, coming at the end of the introduction, should clearly and specifically lay out the original point you will be making. Begin your first body paragraph with a short summary of Zimbardo’s Experiment. From here, transition to your analysis of Zimbardo, THE SUMMARY MUST NOT BE LONGER THAN A PAGE. Your priority in this essay is critique, and your critique should be structured according to the needs of the argument that you are making. This means that there is no set format for how you bring in your second source, as long as you incorporate it in a way that sharpens and develops your argument. Do not spend more than three sentences summarizing your second source. First Paragraph: – Introduce your sources – Thesis – Introduce your topic – A short summary ( no longer than a page for the experiment, no longer than 3 sentences for the second source) – Switch to critical mode and start building argument. Please read these details and pay attention to them. Also, read the zimbardo’s experiment “First source which you will analysis”, and the second source (Walker+Percy) ” Which you will use to support your critique” Thank you:* Also give title from your own words /> Moreover, don’t forget the Works Cited

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