Write an essay considering the procedure below.

Mediums — painting and sculpture — in your essay to broaden your survey. Be as specific as possible for full point credit.
Writing recommendations:
Consider this essay component of the exam an exercise in rhetoric and academic writing.

If possible, choose material that interests or moves you. Care.

Generally speaking, as a writer, use your medium to educate your reader. Content (facts and specifics) matters: reasonable content gives you credibility with your reader. Choose and use your words carefully, judiciously, and correctly: this earns your reader’s trust and respect. Flex your authorial “voice” or tone here or there, to inspire, delight, or enhance meaning: in other words, make your reader care.

Why not view this essay as a kind of performance? One way to do this is to imagine what you would like your readers to feel after they finish reading your essay. (In my own essay writing, I tell myself: “I hope to help educate my reader with good information and one or two insights, so that, afterwards, the reader thinks to himself/herself: ‘I’m so glad I read that!’”).

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