Write an essay for TAQ2.

You have stated that the Psycho dynamic perspectives explanation for COD is effective, but have omitted to mention that there is little evidence to support this explanation. I would encourage you to include in your analysis that there is little support for this explanation beyond Freud’s own research.
For the other perspectives, you have not really mentioned whether research supports the explanations offered for COD, so I would recommend you incorporate this into your response. In order to comment on how effective the explanation is, you really need to include some research evidence that has investigated this.
For your essay for TAQ2, you should be a lot more concise in the non-evaluative sections of the essay – bear in mind, the assessment criteria is focused on evaluation here, so you won’t get much credit for the descriptive information you have included. You also need to check the word count here – your actual word count is larger than you have stated. Go back through the essay and look at where you are describing the explanations or the treatments, and trim this right down. You should then use the additional words you save to offer more in-depth evaluation – have a look at research that has investigated the effectiveness of the treatments offered, and include some of this in your response to strengthen your evaluation.

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