address The Fate of the Earth and attempt to answer the question, Can We Preserve the Global Environment?

Prewriting/Brainstorming for Essay 2

The New World Reader. 4th ed. Ed. Gilbert H. Muller. NY: Wadsworth, 2014. Print

What do you think is the fate of the earth?
What do you think is our global responsibility in terms of the environment?
Choose 3 articles from Chapter 11 and identify the authors main point (each concerns him/herself
with the fate of the earth and the global responsibility to help control that fate). Then, specify
three examples/details that he/she uses to support that main point.
Do you agree with each author? Why or why not? Be specific.
Did each author do an effective job in supporting that main point? Why or why not? Be specific,
considering such things as support, development, tone, style.

Writing Essay 2

Brainstorm a list of possible topics/approaches
Decide on a topic for your essaycommit to your decision
Prewrite some ideas about that your chosen topic
Use that prewriting to determine your one sentence thesisconsider using the plural noun formula if
that works for you
Make sure that you identify the article and the author in your introduction
Organize your ideas into three body paragraphsthis is where the plural noun formula comes in handy
Make sure that each of your body paragraphs follow the requirements of a body paragraph, including a
topic sentence and a discussion of how/why your examples are important and significant to your topic sentences
Remember that correctly cited quotations are required for this essay
Provide a final wrap-up sentence in each body paragraph
Dont forget a conclusion
Ensure plentiful transitions
Revise your essay looking for word choice, development, and mechanics
Check to make sure that you have prepared your work according to specifications, including:
o MLA format
o Titletry to be original in this important part of your essay

Essay 2: Writing to Explain and Define

Writing is always, at least to a certain extent, subjective, growing as it does from a personal motivation,
determination, thought, or experience. But even as that is so, writing should also always remain mindful of
itself as an object. That is, writing should always acknowledge that it serves a purpose and presents itself
as an object for fulfilling that purpose. To that end, then, a writer must remember two things: that the form
of this object depends upon that purpose and that the purpose of the object is dependent on the audience that
will read it.

Thus it would be that the writing that at times seems most subjective is also and inevitably the most objective
as well. Consider, for example, an email you might write or a job application you might submit. Think, too, of
the sorts of letters you are asked to write when applying for college admission or to receive a scholarship to
go there. These writings must simultaneously attend to what you as writer are trying to convey, and at the same
time, must honor and meet the demands of the audience. This assignment is designed to give you practice in
achieving that simultaneity! More specifically, this assignment asks you to adopt a particular and distinctive
persona/voice as writer and to write in that persona/voice to a particular and distinctive audience. Now this
persona/voice can, of course, be your own, though it can also be one of your own crafting. What is important,
though, is that you, in your writing, clearly meet the audiences needs. And, for the purpose of this assignment,
those needs are to have something explained and/or defined.

Topic: The readings in Chapter 11 all address The Fate of the Earth and attempt to answer the question,
Can We Preserve the Global Environment? Your task, in essay form, is to adopt a particular stance on this
issue, determine a specific audience to hear this issue, and write an essay in which you clearly, carefully,
thoughtfully, and well answer that question.

Use MLA format, including heading, header, and appropriate font.
Aim for at least 3 pages of double-spaced text.
Offer at least three quotations or paraphrases from your chosen texts.
Provide parenthetical citations for these quotations or paraphrases. That is, put the page number of the
quotation or paraphrase in parentheses at the end of the sentence in which the quotation or paraphrase appears.
If you are familiar with the task of preparing a Works Cited page, then go ahead and provide one; otherwise,
you may leave it out for this essay, since we will be discussing that component of MLA format for Essay 3.

Other things:
Be sure to review all the information related to essay writing provided. This includes
the chapters in your (optional) handbook, and the pages in your textbook.

Your Essay 2 should show careful attention to the process of essay writing. That is, though I will not be
asking you to submit a rough draft along with the final draft you submit, your final draft should show that you
have thoughtfully considered matters related to revision.

Grading Criteria: I will primarily be looking at these things: specificity of content, organization of ideas,
development of discussion, format of work, and style of presentation.

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