“Alice in Wonderland”

To write a paper based off of Alice in Wonderland. See attached instructions below. The thesis is already completed. In Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland,” the idea of authority is explored in many varied ways. The book—which offers both children and adults as main characters—communicates several notions of authority through a single idea: change in status. But though Carroll uses only one main idea to discuss authority, he presents different visions of it through the characters’ unique relationships with this main idea. Alice, for example, is constantly changing in size, which shows that individuals can assume authority even if they are young in age, but with the queen, he chooses to use satire to show how ridiculous authority can be. Lastly, the body of the Chesire Cat erratically appears and disappears, demonstrating to Alice that notions of authority in Wonderland are somewhat ridiculous and not to be trusted. Through these various—and distinct—portrayals of change, Carroll shows that authority is not as fixed as it is generally perceived.

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