American express

You will analyze the following:

Research the way in which the firm you chose entered the market (FDI, license, joint venture, etc.). Determine why the firm made this choice of market entry.
Conduct a VRIO analysis of the firm and determine whether the market chosen fits the firms internal capabilities and resources.
Does the strategy that the firm have put into place fit the foreign market?
What are the firms goals for the foreign market?
How is the firm structured?
Does the organizational structure of the firm fit the strategy?
Do the operations of the firm fit the firms strategy? (Based on VRIO)
Does the firm have appropriate Human Resources strategies to adequately compete in the foreign market? Is top management in the foreign market composed mainly of expatriates, locals, or a mix of both?
Is the compensation for local workers in the foreign market competitive?
Does the foreign market provide adequate infrastructure to properly distribute the product to other regions?
How does the firm market the product in the foreign market?
Does the firm operate according the to the Triple Bottom Line concept in the foreign market?

Provide a determination (conclusion), based on the analysis above, of whether or not the firms operations (VRIO), strategy, structure, human resources, and supply chain management fit the foreign market or region in which they operate.

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