Company Paper

s particular exercise can be done individually, or as a team (maximum of 3 per team).
Develop an imaginary company of your own creation (name the company). Write a document to summarize the companys safety and health philosophy. Include things like: safety philosophy objectives, a pertinent mission statement, vision, values, goals, etc. Include core desrptors. These are the exact metrics or methods of measure to monitor and determine the success of meeting the companys safety philosophy objectives. Yes, youll be safe, but how will you accomplish this? Add a paragraph at the end, stating why and how these elements were developed. You may wish to consider an additional topic of Quality as a philosophy statement of importance for the company.

This document should include:

Mission Statement (maximum of three sentences),

Vision/Values (five detailed items),

Core Desrptors (six specific desrptors held by the idealized company),

Quality (section on this aspect may be added),

(a concluding paragraph should be written to explain how you developed and finalized this set of policies).

This company would essentially parallel the company where you expect to start your career in safety and health management. Think of this as a model you would present to a possible employer at your job interview. This mission, vision/values, and core desrptors must be written about the safety and health program expectations and achievement expectations. NOTE: DO NOT COPY AN EXISITNG SET OF STATEMENTS FROM AN EXISTING COMPANY!!

Check the class Syllabus for writing expectations for all written assignments. Grammar, spelling, and format along with completing the assignment per directions will be used in evaluating and grading the assignment.

If you do this project as a team, all team members are expected to contribute to completion of the assignment and input from team members will be sought.

EACH STUDENT IS REQUIRED TO SUBMIT A COPY OF THEIR TEAMS PAPER DOCUMENT. EACH TEAM MEMBER WILL ESSENTIALLY SUBMIT THE SAME PAPER FROM THEIR TEAMS EFFORTS. This will ensure that everyone on the team is associated with their Company Paper in the Blackboard GradeBook. Include each team members name on the Cover Page.

See the Rubric for this assignment to review grading details.

PAPER FORMAT: The paper should be double-spaced with one-inch margins. Use 12 characters per inch font size and simple fonts such as Times New Roman or Arial. Make sure to include the Cover Page (APA format) and then continue with the actual assignment paper on the second page. Use headers within your paper to organize your subject content areas. Bullets for the specific sub-items are appropriate.

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