Compare and contrast democracy and totalitarianism.

This assignment draws on chapters 1-7 of the textbook. Also, under Course Documents on you will find three news articles which demonstrate that government power ebbs and flows, can be beneficial and harmful, and its size and dimensions are cause for debate.


Young, Liberal and Open to Big Government
DaDlascus on Edge as War Seeps Into Syrian Capital By an employee of The New York Times in Damascus, Syria and ANNE BARNARD

Debating Drones, in the Open

Compare and contrast democracy and totalitarianism concerning the


1. due process and protection from abuse of power (human rights);

2. the ability to have a voice and participate in government (civil rights);

3. freedom to pursue economic interests and own property (economic rights).

HINTS for writing assignments: think first; put your answer in outline form before you begin writing; answer all parts of the questions; develop thorough answers; label/number your answers to correspond with the questions.

725-1000 Word Minimum; typed paper

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