Compare Contrast ENG 111

Compare/ Contrast Paper Assignment
You will select two subjects, and then you will choose at least three ways in which these subjects can be compared and / or contrasted. The overall topic of the paper should something which interests you, yet should be appropriate for a college paper.
The paper will consist of an opening paragraph which introduces the topic, as well as including the thesis statement.
The following paragraphs will use the point-by-point organization to compare or contrast one element of the subjects.
The paper will end with a concluding paragraph which sums up the findings, and reinforces the thesis.
Use the checklist below to make sure that your paper is complete:
Does your paper have a thesis statement?
Does the introduction of your paper have a hook (statement at the beginning that hooks the audience. This could be a question, quote, anecdote, or statistic)
Does your paper have at least 3 body paragraphs?
Does each paragraph have a topic sentence?
Does each paragraph offer specific examples to sufficiently support the topic sentence?
Does each paragraph have a concluding sentence?
Is there sufficient use of transition words to help move the audience from one topic to another?
Does the paper have a concluding sentence that summarizes the paper and leaves the audience with a final thought?
Does the paper utilize correct grammar and punctuation?
Does the paper have an appropriate title?
Is the paper formatted in MLA style?

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