Define servanthood leadership.

Review the writing of jay Haley, The Power Tactics of Jesus Christ And othert Essay” Review the leadership style, Tacticsof Jesus with the Servanthood leadership  tactics of the 21st Century. Define Servanthood leadership in context of the leader who carry the towel of serving the people in an outreach Ministry setting, such as the ministry in Chicago, Pacific Garden Mission ,or books on servanthood and the tactics that used, compare or show the contrast,You may use other books , articles to show the true picture of leadership today. This assignment requires an honest supported reference of today leadership, the outline should be an  an introduction to your view after doing research of other reading materials,.The paper should have an introduction, summary  of the material read to support your hyypothesis if you used one, and   your Refection ‘ Word count 3,000-3,500. The Katie L. Turabian edition 8 / that is Turabian/chicago  format , footnotes and bibliographies are required, grammar, spelling and sentences structure  must be check.This is a doctor level paper.

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