Describe the main problems causing delayed patient care and too frequent diversion of ambulances to other hospitals.

Read the case at the end of Chapter 2 – “The New Department Director” (pg. 57 & 58). Write your paper answering the following questions: 1. What problem(s) does Dr. Grant face? 2. Consider individual-level, team-level, and system-level problems. For each, set an objective that is SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time bound). 3. Could Dr. Grant have avoided the current situation? How? 4. Use concepts of leadership and management from this chapter to recommend what Dr. Grant should do going forward. It is NOT an essay. However, you must provide at least 5 references, its up to you how and where you want to use those references at. Usually you will end up writing a few pages in order to include those sources. Below I have written a guide on how to answer each question. Question 1: Give an overview of the case, and describe the main problems, such as: Waiting time and backlog in the emergency department causing delayed patient care and too frequent diversion of ambulances to other hospitals. Question 2: Come up with an objective for each level, then define SMART at each level. These are sort of your “solutions” to the problem. What are some “good” objectives to have in order for this plan to succeed? Also, remember to back up your ideas by bringing in external sources where needed (doesn’t have to be at each point, just where needed). Here is an example of how to break it down: Individual level Objective: Dr. Grant will increase use of people-oriented procedures. Question 3: There isn’t ONE right answer to this question, you can use your own ideas on how you think Dr. Grant could have avoided the current situation. But be sure to back up your ideas by providing references. For instance, you can talk about a particular case from a different hospital that you may have read about in an article and compare what they did that worked for them, so you can make similar suggestions. Question 4: You can include concepts from this chapter, for example the “Strategic Problem Solving” (8 steps) Define the problem, Set the Overall Objectives, Conduct root cause analysis, Generate alternative interventions, Perform comparative analysis, of alternatives, Select the best intervention and explain your decision, Develop implementation plan and implement, Develop evaluation plan and evaluate.

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