Describe claim of value

We use a claim of value to make a judgment, express approval or disapproval, and to attempt to prove that some action, belief, or condition is right or wrong, good or bad, and so forth. For your essay, focus on a claim of value regarding a topic you feel deeply about and develop it into an essay of two to three pages. Be sure to do the following:

Clearly state your claim and fully support it through specific examples. Avoid making a policy claim stating what should be done about a problema value claim states that some-thing is good or bad, right or wrong, valuable or worthless, moral or immoral, etc. Your claim of value IS your thesis for the essay so it should be at the end of your introduction. The body is the discussion and support for your claim (and your evaluation of the issue). For example, if you were to argue that legalized marijuana is a bad option as your value claim (do you see the evaluation here?), then your need to support that judgment in the body of your papergive reasons why it is bad (without saying I think, feel, believe . . . or in my opinion.
Include a discussion of opposing points of view and why you think they are wrong (refutation). Remember to share the primary opposing point for which you have a responsedont weaken your claim by providing a stronger opposing point than those youve offered in support of your claim.

Be thoughtful in selecting your topic. While some topics are clearly argumentative and may be about issues that are important to you as an individual, you will find trying to argue about either (a) issues with a long history of debate or (b) issues which have already been decided, can lead to using cliched thinking and argument. Some examples that can be problematic are abortion, euthanasia, or marriage equalityso please do not use these topics. It is not that these are not important issues that people still disagree about, it is just that they have been so widely discussed that it is difficult to add anything new to the argument. Check with me if youre not sure about your topic.

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