Describe the findings and relate them to your own experience with the test (for example, if you chose a test of self-esteem, and found an article about that test as it relates to job satisfaction,

c. Two-three paragraphs exploring the test itself. This section is very important. Youll need to read, describe, and cite 2 journal articles on the topic.
i. One article should be a desrption of the standardization or development of the test- detail this process in one paragraph, and discuss your experience as it relates to the paper (if the paper discusses validity, did you feel the test was a valid assessment of the psychological construct it was assessing?).
ii. The second article should be one in which the study utilized that test.describe the findings.
Please be sure to stay on topic! This paper should speak of only the Subjective Happiness Scale (analysis, how it was developed, discuss its reliability and validity) and how its used in the second given article (The Role of Income Aspirations in Individual Happiness)
Be original, there should be no plagiarism in this paper!

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