Describe your thoughts, feelings and behavior, and explain why this experience was so important.

The purpose of this 3 – 5 page paper is to gain a better understanding of how you developed into the person you are. You will gain insight by examining an experience from your past. Specifically, you will:

a. Write a detailed desrption of a significant life event that has shaped how you think about other people or yourself. Describe your thoughts, feelings and behavior, and explain why this experience was so important.

b. Analyze the experience using material provided in your textbook related to the psychologys current perspectives (neuroscience, evolutionary, behavioral genetics, psychodynamic, behavioral, cognitive, and socio-cultural), which are summarized on page 7 of the textbook and expanded in modules later in the book. Specifically, identify which perspective best explains why this experience was so influential in your life. Support your choice. More than one perspective may be chosen. To earn full points, you should try to address all of the terms on the attached list for your chosen perspective/s.

For example: Take a concept from one perspective, such as punishment or reinforcement from behaviorism, and search your experience for an example. Do the same for all other concepts. Weave these concepts into a discussion/analysis of your experience to demonstrate you understand what they mean.

***IMPORTANT*** The application of the perspective(s) is worth over half of the points of the paper (50 points out of 90 points total). That means that the analysis of the perspective application should be over half of your paper. If you only mention which perspective you think fits or write a short paragraph, the assignment will receive a failing grade. This is why the term list has been provided for you. It should guide your writing and give you ideas of what to talk about. Be sure to choose a topic that fits well with at least one of the perspectives. If it doesnt…choose another topic. The goal of this paper is to prove that you understand the perspective/s well enough to analyze a real life situation through its lens.

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