Discuss a current public controversy surrounding a health care issue.

Total five questions. Each question need to be answer with at least one reference. Each question is almost half page in length (There is no exact word limit).

Discussion posts:  Nursing course in ethics

Q1) Based on the ethical principles that you studied this week, as a nurse, which ethical principle do you think is most important? Why?



Q2)  What is good?  Does good enhance the value of human life? Why or why not? Does good avoid or decrease suffering and pain? How?



Q3) Describe an experience in your nursing practice that you consider to be an ethical issue. Provide the solution as well as the outcome.


Q4) From your professional practice, provide an example of an experience that is ethical and illegal or unethical and legal.





Q5) Discuss a current public controversy surrounding a health care issue. Examine the issue from a sociopolitical, economic, and cultural perspective. What are the ethical and legal dilemmas that nursing professionals face when health care issues are politicized?

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