Discuss at least two of the following in relation to Charlotte Perkins Gilmans

Discuss at least two of the following in relation to Charlotte Perkins Gilmans The
Yellow Wallpaper: Author, Reader, Text
Word Limit: 1500
Weighting: 60% of my mark
In this assignment you will demonstrate your understanding of the theories studied by discussing them in relation to a text. This task gives you the freedom to write about what you find interesting, but your essay should do the following:

Discuss the essays/extracts by Barthes, Iser and/or Derrida Use relevant theoretical terms accurately.
Offer sustained close reading of the primary test (Gilman)
Draw on other critical secondary reading as

General Marking Criteria;

Classification;First class* 80 and above

Excellent knowledge of the field. Will approach a publishable standard in a relevant journal.

Knowledge and understand; Outstanding research, demonstrating brilliance in the field. Considerable evidence of original reading and thought.

Argument and evidence; Clear, coherent and original argument. Highly-developed and intelligent critical conclusion, based upon an exhaustive reading of primary and/or secondary sources.

Analysis, theory & critique; Exceptional analysis and synthesis of ideas and arguments. Excellent application of theory.

Presentation and written expression; Perfect presentation with full and accurate use of references and bibliography. Impressive command of language with an extraordinarily well-expressed argument.

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