Discuss Jean Watsons Theory in Nursing Caring

A- Human is viewed as more vital than and not the same as the total of his or her parts.(Watson et al 2016)
1-Correction needed(CHECK REF.CITATION)
B- , tasteful and moral human exchanges. (Sitzman et al 2013)
2- Correction needed( Watson,2013,P.#)
Work cited 1
Sitzman, Kathleen, and Jean Watson. Caring science, mindful practice: Implementing Watsons human caring theory. Springer Publishing Company, 2013.
CORRECTION NEEDED 2 (Sitzman, Kathleen, and Jean Watson)
Sitzman,& Watson, J. (2013)—Pub.City & State. 2013 is not correct
Work cited 2
Watson, Jean. Watson caring science institute. Health Sciences Library Photograph Collection and Special Collections, University of Colorado, Anschutz Medical Campus; Publications. (2016).
Collections? (error)
What kind of source is this?
These are the comments of the professor

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