Discuss Was civilization a positive or negative development?

Discussion Question: Civilization impacted various groups in diverse ways. Was civilization a positive or negative development? In responding to this question you must choose from one of the following groups and argue from their perspective: women, elites, slaves, religious leaders, rulers (such as Hammurabi or Gilgamesh), or people outside of the civilization being discussed (such as Herodotus). Your post MUST make specific references and include examples from the Perspectives document(s) in chapters 1 and 2 to prove your point.

*****YOU ALSO MUST QUOTE from at least 2 different documents and provided page numbers from Perspectives where you found quote.******

YOUR post should be 2-3 paragraphs- with 10-12 sentences in EACH paragraph!!!

YOU ALSO MUST RESPOND TO ANOTHER STUDENTS POST- agree, disagree(respectfully) elaborate on it etc… be specific and detailed!!! Note: you must argue From The standpoint THAT CIVILIZATION WAS A POSITIVE DEVELOPMENT

Book: Western civilizations volume one, Fourth Edition

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