Does cochlear implantation before the age of 5 improve vocabulary development in children with profound hearing loss?

Research Question:Does cochlear implantation before the age of 5 improve vocabulary development in children with profound hearing loss? You are required to write a journal article for your selected .You need to conduct a systematic review based on the research question I have provided. There is a minimum of 5 and maximum of 10 articles to be reviewed. Evidence that you have reflected on the peer feedback you received from your Assessment 2 is required (I will provide this). To complete this task you will need to do all parts of the assignment as outlined below: (i) Reflect on the feedback you were given by your peer and in the beginning of your assignment indicate any changes you made to your research question, search strategy and/or the journal in response to this feedback. (maximum 200 words). (I will provide you the feedback I previously recieved) (ii) Within the assignment you will have a summary of your final search strategy to elicit the highest quality articles to inform your review. You will need to report the data bases, MESH terms and text words and limiters you used to achieve the 5-10 selected key articles for review. You will already have completed this aspect of the task in Assignment 1 with potentially some modification in response to your peer review. ( I will attach my assignment 1 where you can use the same search terms). (iii) Assess and critique each article using an appropriate tool. (iv) Report results of the assessment highlighting commonalities and divergent results. (v) Summarise the results and if able, make recommendations for practice, education or recommendations for future research. (vi) Comply with selected journal’s guidelines including headings, with the possible exception of their word limit. I will provide you with the journal I selected. (vii) Cut and paste the 5-10 articles’ bibliographic details and abstracts at the end of your assignment together with the author guidelines for marking purposes. Marking criteria: 1. Reflection on peer feedback is provided. (10 marks) Criteria 2 to 7(inclusive) form your journal article (systematic review) and each section or its equivalent will be marked as follows: 2. Title of your review and abstract (5 marks) 3. Introduction/Background (including choice of topic) (10 marks) 4. Methods used for critical analysis (20 marks) 5. Results (20 marks) 6. Discussion (20 marks) 7. Conclusion and recommendations (10 marks) 8. Adherence to your journal’s ‘instruction to authors’ including referencing style and reference list (5 marks) I will include 2 examplers of the assingment to make it easier to understand the expectations.

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