1. I will review the references and want to see that they are Journal articles and focused on your topic (8 for the 3-pg paper); please include author, year, title article, title of journal, volume number, page numbers (nothing more or less)-I will also count the pages (remember figures do not count toward pg numbers).
2. Is there an introductory paragraph that introduces the topic, justifies the topic and introduces the subtopics?
3. Are the main subtopics well developed in subsequent paragraphs in terms of scientific details (quantitative information or technical discussion of topics)?
4. Are the sentences and paragraphs well constructed, including topic and transitional sentences. Do ideas flow between paragraphs and sentences?
5. Make sure you write in your own words! Read the papers and synthesize the information and then construct the paper yourself-organizing it by TOPIC NOT Papers!
6. Paper needs to include subtopics that connects each paragraph and subtopic together.
7. Please use the provided references that I have uploaded

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