Envioromental Issue Artcile Review

Please review the following news article:https://www.nytimes.com/2017/06/26/climate/carbon-in-atmosphere-is-rising-even-as-emissions-stabilize.html?rrefcollection%2Fsectioncollection%2Fclimate&actionclick&contentCollectionclimate®ionstream&modulestream_unit&versionlatest&contentPlacement12&pgtypesectionfront

I uploaded a copy of the article for you as well.

The purpose of this assignment is to gain knowledge about environmental issues and synthesize and incorporate prior public health knowledge.

Include the following in your submitted assignment:
State the title, source, and date of article; web address for Internet sources.
Write a brief summary of the article (1-2 short paragraphs) (10 points)
Analyze the article including the following*:
What is the population impact of this environmental problem? (6 points)
Identify ethical, economic and political implications for public health. (18 points)
Identify two (2) determinants of health with rationales, public health organizations, HP 2020 objectives, core functions, and level of prevention. (50 points)
What is the public health response to the problem? (8 points).
What future public health action is needed? (8 points).
*Remember to include discussion of each of the bullet points, all levels of prevention, and all core functions. If the information is not explicit in the article you will need to extrapolate in order to answer that question.

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