explain How does self-awareness impact feedback delivery and acceptance?

Please review the article by Nohria & Beer (2000) (see reference below), locate any other appropriate scholarly research about delivering effective feedback to subordinates, peers, or supervisors, and answer the questions below:

Valcour, M. (2015, August 11). How to give tough feedback that helps people grow. Harvard Business Review. Retrieved from https://hbr.org/2015/08/how-to-give-tough-feedback-that-helps-people-grow

How does self-awareness impact feedback delivery and acceptance? What are some of the principles for delivering difficult feedback identified by Valcour that resonated with you? Can you give an example of a professional or personal situation where you would deliver feedback differently, and if so, how?

Your article analysis should be approximately 500 words in length (typically, two double-spaced pages), not counting cover page, reference list page, appendices, figures, or tables.

Your assignment should include a title page and a reference list page, and be completed in Times New Roman 12-point font, double-spaced, with appropriate header, page numbers, one-inch margins, and meet all other requirements of APA Stylebook.

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