Explain how good and bad communication can affect morale.

Research how diversity plays an important role in healthcare and how proper communication techniques facilitate teamwork, increase productivity, and help offer better patient care in a healthcare setting. Use a minimum of 3 credible sources* in your research and include a variety of resources, such as scholarly journal articles, magazines, newspapers, or web resources. Two of your resources must be academic/scholarly resources, such as a book or an academic scholarly journal.

In a minimum of 3 pages (excluding the reference page), include the following information to assist new employees in understanding effective communication methods and the importance of diversity within a healthcare team:

Communication and Productivity: Explain how communication can increase productivity.
Communication and Morale: Explain how good and bad communication can affect morale.
Overcoming Communication Barriers in the Workplace: Identify the biggest communication barrier a Medical Assistant can face with a coworker that would hinder patient care. Explain ways to overcome that barrier. Choose the best method for the situation and explain why this method is best.
Teamwork Communication Strategies: Describe teamwork communication strategies.
Assisting Coworkers: Name at least 5 tasks that coworkers can do for each other to help the daily practice run smoothly.
Diversity and Teamwork
Importance of Awareness of and Respect for Diversity: Explain why it is important for Medical Assistants to be aware and respectful of diversity in a healthcare setting.
Incorporating Diverse Practice Methods: Explain how to incorporate diverse practice methods and ideas between coworkers while remaining respectful of their work practices and mindful of the goal of providing effective and efficient patient care.
Tailoring Communication: Describe how Medical Assistants may have to tailor their communication in working with professionals of various titles, such as physicians, peers, and receptionists.

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