Explain your motivation to teach- making it explicit why you are choosing secondary aged pupils over other age groups.

Guidance for drafting out your personal statement.

You only have 4000 characters with spaces and /or 47 lines to fill so try and be concise.
Use the following 5 point planner:
1. Explain your motivation to teach- making it explicit why you are choosing secondary aged pupils over other age groups.
2. Explain your passion for your chosen subject and make it clear this is also a key aspect motivating you to teach. Choose an area of your chosen subject that really makes you love the subject and briefly discuss- to make clear youll also pass this passion on to your pupils.
3. Reflect in detail what you have learnt about the teaching role.
Use your school experience to explain in detail what you have learnt about the role of a teacher. (See below * for details)
4. What transferable skills are you bringing that will directly support your role as a teacher?
-Training, teaching, tutoring, coaching etc. what skills have you already honed?
5. Closing paragraph to reaffirm your commitment to training to teach.

*Your school experience reflections are a vital aspect of your draft.
Please consider the following aspects to develop your draft.
Explain what you have learnt from your time in school rather than what you have done:

How do successful teachers set out their lessons to keep their pupils engaged?
-How do they differentiate tasks within each lesson to ensure each pupils is appropriately challenged?
-How are Learning Objectives and Success criteria used to promote independent learning within the classroom?
-How do teachers use individual, paired and group work to engage pupils in their set tasks?
-How is behaviour managed effectively within the classroom?

For example,
I noticed that most teachers began their lesson by explaining the learning objective then talking the pupils through the logical steps they would need to complete to meet that objective. I believe this was done to encourage the pupils to work independently, managing their own learning which then released the teacher to support those who needed reinforcement or further challenge.

Please remember to email me a copy of your draft statement before you paste it into your UCAS application form in order to get some feedback on your draft before you submit.

I have had a School placement experience at Barr Beacon School

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