F2 Psyc431

Over a decade ago, a special commission was convened to evaluate Londons official response to its 7/7/2005 bus and subway bombings. News coverage of this report sparked renewed anxiety in Londoners, showing that reactions to trauma do not pass quickly; they are far reaching and run deep, ready to be triggered by reminders of the traumatic event. Watch this BBC video for more information.

Some have called the London bombings Britains 9/11. I have heard this comparison on several occasions and wondered, to what extent and in what ways is this the case? And now, with more recent attacks and attempts to traumatically alter the lives of Londoners and those of other European country residents, the question arises again. How might these events be more equal than we might think in magnitude of trauma? They are clearly not equal in impact on the day to day operation of the cities involved. Londons/Englands and Pariss/Frances respective recovery periods following their attacks were much shorter compared to New Yorks and U.S.s reaction to 9/11. Given these differences, what are the similarities and how would you explain them? Is there a one-size-fits-all type of trauma reaction that occurs when terrorists strike? Or might we need a model that incorporates culture as a mitigating factor? What do you think? Be sure to link a reading or two to your thoughts. Also state two questions you would ask the class on this topic?

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