In what ways has your view on American politics and government changed with the election of Donald Trump and do you feel our country is headed in the right direction and why?

In what ways has your view on American politics and government changed with the election of Donald Trump and do you feel our country is headed in the right direction and why?

Comment on following :
1. With the election of Donald Trump, my views on American politics and government have changed dramatically. During the election process just to see how many people supported Trumps bullying, racist, sexist, and other hateful actions and ideas was alarming. I know that everyone has their own opinions but to see that so much more bluntly and upfront and the role the media played in that was shocking to me. From things Ive heard from others, this election has made many people feel that their opinions werent being heard and dont matter when it comes to voting because of the electoral colleges decision. I definitely dont think that our country is headed in the right direction because up to the point until Trumps presidency, our country had improved in a variety of ways like in terms of health care, Immigration laws, etc. I feel like with Trump there is a lot more negativity being expressed, like Trump supporting stop and frisk laws, building walls, causing tension internationally and so much more. In my opinion, this makes people all over the world, especially young children think that it is ok to act in the ways that Trumps conveys, like for people to assume things about certain groups of people because they look a certain way, or talk to/ about women in demeaning ways because they see the President does it. The direction of this country is frightening to me because as a young woman of color, there is so much hatred, tension and division being created. Hopefully this election will inspire people to support each other or run for office to improve our country for the better.

2.First, I am thankful for taking this class during this period of American history. Personally, after Trump was elected I was frustrated and scared for many friends and family from the consequences of the election. This class provided a clearer picture of how the outcome of the election came about specifically the power of the electoral college and why it is in place. My opinion changed from the facts we have learned and how the country is run. There are many things I believe need to be changed and evolve to our current times. I understand the strong sense of patriotism towards the constitution, but I feel it was not written with the intention of what the country has become. I do not think the country is headed in the right direction but taking steps backwards. I am saddened to see the negative influence of Trump and the great division he has caused amongst the American people especially racially. He has repeatedly broken rules and avoided taking responsibilities and is setting a horrible example for young Americans. He has been allowed to to bash opponents of his stances through social media and claim fake new for anyone that disagrees with him. He has fired multiple people that were investigating him for wrong doing and is not being challenged. I am scared for our future and the laws he will pass that will effect our future for years to come.

3.My views on American politics have not changed. Many people including myself at times wanted to believe that America has moved away from its racist, discriminatory and unwelcoming views but the election of Donald Trump sultitdfied that we have not. I find it crazy how many Americans voted for him. It is hurtful knowing that our world is not making much progress overall.

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