Outside Reading Assignment

First Paragraph: Summary Name of the book and author Summary of the literature Be sure to include characters and events……put this in your own words. Second Paragraph: Likes Explain what you liked about the literature. this at include plot, characterization, writing style, feeling evoke, detail , flow, or theme. What made this literature worth reading? Third Paragraph: Dislikes Explain what you disliked about the literature. This may include literature elements, writing style feelings evoked, flow, or theme. What was dissatisfying to you? Fourth Paragraph: questions What questions do you have after reading this literature? what would you like to ask the author? What questions do you have of the time period in which was written? Fifth Paragraph: Quotes Locate a quote/quotes from the literature that had an impact on you. Be sure to include the quote/s in quotation marks and the page where it was found. explain why the quote was important to the literature and important to you and the impact it had on you. Sixth Paragraph: Recommendation Would you recommend this literature to others? Why or Why not? be specific

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