Psychosocial Foundations of Health and Medicine

A.Explain what it means for a human trait, behavior, or condition to be medicalized. Why are sociologists concerned about increasing medicalization in society?

B. Can you think of a current medical diagnosis that could arguably be seen as the medicalized form of a previously normal human behavior?

Make sure to answer both A and B in your submission.
Minimum length: 1-1.5 pages, double spaced, 12 point font.

A. Froman attachment theoretical perspective, how would a doctor approach patients differently depending on the patients attachment style? What impact might the doctors own attachment style have? Give a practical example of how insecure and secure attachment can play out in the doctor-patient relationship.

B. Thinking about the difference between personal self and social self, consider the ways in which you choose to manage your online identity on social media. How are the decisions you make about how to present yourself, what you post, and what you dont post illustrative of the differences between the personal and social self?

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