Research design and methodology

Research Design and Methodology

One of the key elements of any research proposal is establishing its appropriateness and feasibility. The design should primarily answer the research question and often follows established practices and methodologies within the discipline.

Once you have defined your topic and hypotheses, and conducted a literature review, describe how you will test your research question including what kinds of research methodologies will you employ. Write up a 4 page paper that addressing the following:

1. Will the research use primary or secondary data?
2. Will you be using quantitative or qualitative research methods?
3. If you choose to run an experiment please describe in detail how the experiment will be run including whether it is a field or lab experiment what the treatment and control group is.
4. How long would it take to collect this data?

Make sure you consider the feasibility of the research methodology you propose and how expensive the data collection process will be.

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