Researched Argument – Choose an event that took place in the year of your birth, ideally as close to your birthday as possible, and take a stance on it.

Essay 4: Researched Argument
In an essay of approximately 1250 words, inform the reader about your topic chosen from the selection
below, while also taking a clear and convincing stance on it and including support from sources. You
must raise and address the opposing viewpoint in your essay.
You must include a minimum of three sources and use four citations in MLA, APA, or Chicagostyle/Turabian
format. Thus, two citations can come from one source, or you can simply have more than
three sources. In addition, if you use three sources, only one can be a website. The others must be
obtained through the library, such as a journal, newspaper, or other publication either in electronic or
hard-copy form. If you have more than three sources, you can use more than the one website, though I
encourage you to seek reliable resources.
– Audience: Someone unfamiliar with the subject.
– Invention/Drafting/Research strategies: Library, online, and media sources.
– Length: 1250 words minimum
– Criteria for evaluation/Grading rubric:
Content: Do you provide enough context and basic background on your topic? Is your evidence
and argument convincing? Do you also address and refute the opposing viewpoint at some point?
Grammar: As noted in the Writing Program Grading sheet. Must have proper citation and be free
of major errors. Must include a minimum of four in-text citations from three or more sources, the
majority obtained from a library.
Here are a number of options for the research paper. Choose one of these. If you have any questions on
how to narrow down, let me know.
1) Choose an event that took place in the year of your birth, ideally as close to your birthday as possible,
and take a stance on it. Therefore, it needs to be something about which you can form an argument and
state an opinion. For example, you might pick the Challenger shuttle disaster and argue that it could have
been prevented by better oversight, or you could pick the Exxon Valdez spill and make an argument
based on that. Note that I won\’t actually check your birthdates, so you can adjust your choice a bit,
but it might be more appealing for you to select a date associated with your actual day of birth.
3) Choose any story from the news program on which
you can take a particular stance and make an argument. You must provide the date of the particular show
to me.
4) Create an arguable topic related to any country other than the US and Canada that you have traveled to
or are especially interested in.

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