Supreme court case

Please see attached for assignment instructions, rubric, and samples. Remember to use TREAT (thesis,result,explaination,analysis and final thesis.
A presentation is required for the Supreme Court Case Analysis to share with your classmates. The presentation must be submitted here for grading AND you will share your presentation as part of the discussion forum this week. For this presentation, please prepare ONE PowerPoint slide using the template provided in Blackboard to share a summary of the Supreme Court Case Essay with your classmates.

This presentation should not exceed 1 slide. As this is a virtual presentation, talking points should be included in the NOTES section of the PowerPoint presentation to expand on the slide or in a separate document if developing a Prezi presentation. (Please note that the models do not include notes, but should. These models were taken from in person presentations, not virtual). The goal of this presentation is to inform and enlighten the students regarding current legal issues in business, conduct legal reasoning and analysis, and to develop effective presentation skills, as well as enhancing analysis and application of the topics covered this semester.

The attached sample is provided as an idea of what the outcome for this project should look like. However, you should not copy this model – it is there as a guideline of the formatting and to help understand the concepts. Each project should be unique based on your own ideas. This means you should choose a different case than the one selected in the sample.

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