The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls

POVERTY: Examine the descriptions of poverty in the book. How does Jeannettes impoverished upbringing shape who she becomes at the end of the memoir
1. A solid argument: Make sure to include a solid, well-reasoned and thoughtful thesis statement in your first paragraph.
2. Polished, college level style & tone: Keep in mind that your audience should be a professor. Use accurate diction and correct spelling, mechanics, grammar, and punctuation.
3. Evidentiary support: Provide specific details and passages from the novel to support your claim. Provide a Work Cited page only if you use sources other than the novel. DO NOT DROP IN QUOTES. Quotes must be embedded (meaningbyou flow into and out of the quote). Make sure you cite info
4. MLA Format
5. 3-4 full pages

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