The potential abuse of gene doping in sports

The purpose of this assignment is to promote a deeper analysis and understanding of a particular area of doping, to provide students with practice of critically evaluating the scientific literature, and to provide students with practice writing scientific papers.

To complete this assignment, you will choose one of the topics below and write a brief review/analysis of the topic, highlighting what is known about the topic and your analysis of the topic based on what is currently known. Think of this as part literature review and part commentary (similar to a scientific article for reputable magazine, newspaper, or journal). Include a separate bibliography page at the end of your paper, in which you number and alphabetize your references cited; your citations in the body of the paper should match the citations in your bibliography. Your review should be no more than 2 pages (no minimum), 1.5- or double-spaced, not counting the bibliography.

Your review should be well organized and clearly written with a logical flow of ideas.

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