The Refutation of medical paternalism, on pg.104-19 Ackerman. ,Why doctors should intervene,on .pg110-114.

The Essay must carefully Analyze and critically evaluate the argument of one of our course reading from the period 7/10 to 7/13 in light of the ethical theories in Chapter 2….This is NOT a research paper it must be from the textbook and our own knowledge I already put pg.and chapter. Also it must be free of plagiarized and grammer errors because I have to print a hard for the professor and then upload it to .for it to be check plagiarising and cheating. Also it must be 3 pages long Not 2 half because I will loss points if its 2 half.

On the left side of the first paper.put my name then Professor. Then subject. And last the Date.

My name, Simone vassell Langley

Professor, Fred, Copley

Subject, Biomedical Ethics PHI 110RA.

Date, July 15 2017.

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