The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe

The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe Communications 1102
Paper 2
Summer 2017

Assignment: Paper 2, Symbol, Theme, and Setting Analysis
Due: July 16th, 11:59pm (upload in Canvas)
Length: 3-4 pages, double spaced, 12pt Times New Roman font
Point Value: 100 points
Writing Prompt:
Step 1:
Choose one of the following stories from your book:
The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas by Ursula Le Guin (229)
The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe (40)
A & P by John Updike (18)
Miss Brill by Kate Mansfield (303)
Step 2:
Do an analysis of THEME, SETTING, and SYMBOL in your paper.
Suggested outline:
Introduction/thesis statement
Brief background on your story
Symbol Analysis
Theme Analysis
Setting Analysis

Support your character analysis by using two different sources:
1) Quotes from the short story to back up your analysis. Where do you see evidence of the theme, symbols, and how does the author use setting to enhance of give meaning to the story? For symbols, look for things that represent other things (like the rose in Beauty and the Beast). Try to determine what the overall message (like the moral of the story) is expressed to help determine theme. Show examples where you see that come into play. For setting, consider how the geographical space, time period, and rules for that time effect the story. Use quotes examples from the story to prove your thesis.
Refer to your Modules for extra help understanding these analysis concepts.
Use quote marks around the title of your short story.
Use standard MLA in-text citation format for both summary and direct quotes.
2) 3 Scholarly Journal Articles. I want you to also incorporate support from 3 scholarly journal articles. These should come from the Librarys databases. Provide quotes from the articles that help support your thesis. You should not use articles that are a summary of the short story nor anything written as a guide for students. You are looking for peer-reviewed academic articles that are written by scholars about this short story.
How to find sources in the library:
From the main college webpage, select Library.
After that, select Databases by Subject
Log into the Library using your B# and birthday (if you cant get in this way, enter the Library via your MyEFSC portal).
Once inside, select Literature
There you will find the Artemis and JSTOR (use advanced search) databases along with other Literature databases.
Other Requirements:
Works Cited Page: You should include a Works Cited page for this paper citing the short story and your 3 research sources. Look here for help:

POV: Do not use 1st person. Your paper should be written in 3rd person academic tone.

Format: MLA 8
MLA Format Required. Please note that MLA updated last summer. Depending on when you took the course, the MLA formatting you learned in Comm 1101 may now be the old MLA. Please take a look at the link above to review MLA 8.
Please review guidelines for MLA formatting/paper layout if you are unfamiliar with the style. Since you graduated from Comm 1101, I expect your papers to be properly formatted. Any outside work must be cited appropriately with in-text citations and a Works Cited page.
Remember, this is English class. All the skills you learned in 1101 carry over to this course. Your paper should have a discernable thesis statement, organized body, properly formatted in-text and works cited citations, an appropriate intro and conclusion, and follow standard writing conventions.
To learn how to set up your paper, review the guidelines here:
Upload your completed paper to Canvas. I have turned on Turnitin for these papers and will receive a report on your works authenticity. If you plagiarize the paper, I reserve the right to make you redo the work, fail you for the work, or fail you for the course.
I do not accept late work.
Please let me know if questions.

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