This will be on Book diary of Ann Frank.

In response to the book you read for the final independent reading book talk, you will write a 3 page analysis on one of the following aspects of the book:

Language (specific analysis of the use of language, the style it is written in, specific choices that are made, rhetorical devices that appear, etc.)
Imagery (specific analysis of the imagery that is used to support and develop theme, character, plot, language, etc.)
Symbolism (specific analysis of symbolic elements within the story that can deepen the readers perspective, etc.)

While there may be some overlap between these three, you must choose one specifically as your primary focus and develop a strong thesis statement around it. The essay should be written formally with proper formatting, and include an introduction with thesis statement, a well-organized and developed main body text with specific evidence from the text (incorporating in-text citations, direct quotes, paraphrasing, and summary where appropriate), and a short but strong conclusion that does not add any new information but rather synthesizes your argument (not just summarizes, but provides a final perspective). Your essay should not merely summarize elements of the book, but, as always, examine and discuss why they are used, why things are the way they are, how they can affect meaning, how they can be interpreted to create new meaning, etc.

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