Topic: Affordable Act

The Supreme Court has determined that the Affordable Care Act is constitutional in most areas. Take some time and reflect about the Affordable Care Act from its inception to this moment in time. What are your thoughts, ideas, and beliefs pertaining to the notion of “Health For All Americans”? Have any of the provisions affected you or your family already and how?

The provision for states to expand Medicaid coverage to more Americans was held to be voluntary. Florida among other states has stated they will not expand their Medicaid program to cover more uninsured. How will the community health and public health community mobilize to provide more access to care in SWFL? Research and find a local initiative in your community that increases access to the undeserved populations in SWFL. What specific services do they offer and how do you assist undeserved or uninsured gain access. If you are living outside SWFL, answer this for your locality. Sharing the resources elsewhere expands the knowledge of your peers.

How does the information in the IHI course TA 102 influence you in answering this question? How would you approach local state representative to make the case to change Medicaid in Florida? Name your representative in answering this question.
See: (Links to an external site.) for more information on the timeline and services/ features already in effect or future on national and state le


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