Topic: change management

• Identify and research a current public organization that is experiencing an organizational issue requiring a major change. The organization can be one you research or one that you have or do work in. Compose a profile of the organization, the issue it is facing, and how you would address it.
• Propose solutions and strategies for addressing the issue.
• Include in the case:
o Your role in, or outside of the organization (e.g. line staff, supervisor, executive management, consultant).
o A brief profile of the company studied.
o A clear statement of the organizational issue that needs to be addressed. (If there is more than one, select only one to focus on in the case.)
o A statement of the situation (i.e., government, economic, industry, social, etc. issues) or reasons that are causing the issue and what changes the organization must make.
o Provide data that aids the reader to understand the present organizational and work environment, the challenge(s) the organization faces.
o The organizational, political, management, financial, staffing, marketing, etc. factors that are influencing the process and driving the change.
o Key organizational leaders and employees (with fictionalized names), their position in the company, and role in the problem-solving/change efforts.

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