Topic: Two ESL Lesson Plans

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Design, plan and prepare in detail two content-based unit lessons for a group of students
in a specific setting of your choice. The unit lessons should run consecutively; the second
should flow logically from the first and there should be some thread that links the two
together. The aim of the whole content-based unit plan is to develop your students’
awareness, skills and learning strategies for integrating the four skills (Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking) and to foster their
content knowledge. Your unit lessons should also be designed based on the “Into, Through,
and Beyond” framework (Brinton, Goodwin, & Ranks, 1994). That is, your students will be
able to get “into” the content, “through” it with your guidance, and “beyond” it by producing
more extensive output. Present the plans as per the guidelines below.
The detailed content-based unit plan should be comprised of:
1. Key unit planning components:
• a title page that states the unit topic
• a table of contents that lays out each headed section
• a scope and sequence chart that identifies connections between your planned
lessons, and provides an overview of the key components of each lesson
• a detailed rationale (see #2 below for further information)
• a student profile including the content area, grade level/age group, proficiency level,
duration of each lesson, student L1 background
• each lesson plan that consists of
o a lesson topic
o lesson objectives for content, language, skills
o progression of activities (the anticipated timing for each stage and the
anticipated interaction patterns)
o resources/materials (e.g., visuals, texts, worksheets, etc; see #3)
2. The rationale should specify why you have set particular aims in light of the specific needs
of the particular class, how the four skills will be integrated and content knowledge supported
through language and visual aids, anticipated problems and strategies, lesson materials,
activities and evaluations. Also provide relevant literature and a reference list following APA
6th guidelines.
3. All the lesson materials have to be submitted along with your unit plan. These can be
created by you or adapted from existing materials.
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