Topic: The most important idea here is to demonstrate the ability to assemble a research project based upon Modern Language Association guidelines.

Write a 1500 word or more response reacting to and considering the reading of George Orwell\’s \”Politic and the English Language.\” You are to incorporate quotes (or paraphrasing) from Orwell\’s writing as well as acknowledging the source of any additional outside material you might use. Expect to utilize multiple sources, but do NOT use Wikipedia as a resource.

The paper will be concerned with one of the following topics or areas of study:
-Select document famous in American political history (examples: Thomas Jefferson\’s \”Declaration of Independence,\” Abraham Lincoln\’s \”Gettysburg Address,\” or John F. Kennedy\’s Inaugural Speech of 1960). Read the entire speech and then evaluate it (either in its entirety or using selected portions of it) according to Orwell\’s standards and defended throughout the essay. Determine whether or not the speech you have examined is either a good or poor specimen of English prose according to Orwell\’s standards.

Please ensure that the chosen topic is obviously stated in the paper\’s thesis statement.

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